Healthy Hair Starts From The Root and Scalp... OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Healthy Hair Starts From The Root and Scalp... OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil

For Thinning Hair and Receding Hair Line use..
​"​OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil"
​"You Should Rub It In" 

... If your scalp is not healthy, your hair won’t grow healthy".

OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps maintain healthy scalp.

"Use it daily to promote healthy scalp and healthy hair growth" ​ 

  • Helps maintain healthy hair and scalp
  • Contains No Salt
  • Helps stop Hair Breakage
  • Excellent for Thinning Hair
  • Receding Hairline
  • Natural Castor Oil Treatment
  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • Authentic OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil Helps Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

​With today's Natural Filtration Technology, natural oils don't have to smell bad to work. ​OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil, is rich in ricinoleic acid, an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid that helps to moisturize, nourish, and protect the hair and scalp.

It contains nutrient rich botanical and vitamins that nourishes and hydrates hair from root to tip, creating a healthy environment for your hair to grow.

Benefits for Hair

  • ​​OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps stop receding or thinning hair
  • Repairs dry, damaged, brittle, and over-processed hair.
  • Use in natural or chemically treated hair
  • Suitable for natural and synthetics braids, weaves and extensions
  • Use as a daily moisturizer to stop hair breakage, improve hair elasticity, and to stimulate healthy hair growth
  • OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil Helps control scalp and skin disorders such as: Eczema, Inflammation, Psoriasis, Itchy Flaky Scalp, Dandruff, Dryness, and Rashes.
  • Will not weigh down hair or clog pores.

​How to do an OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil Warm Oil Treatment
​One of the best things you can do for healthy hair and scalp is to give your self a natural warm oil treatment, using OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Here are a few steps on How To Use the Oil to help strengthen and thicken your hair:

1. Warm about 1 Tablespoon of the oil.

  • Do so by placing the oil in a glass bowl or tea cup.
  • Fill a saucepan halfway with boiling water.
  • Place the glass bowl/tea cup in the saucepan to warm the oil. The oil should be warm but not too hot.

2. How to Apply: OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil ​

  • Apply to clean, damp hair and scalp. Dip fingertips into the warm oil and massage the oil into the scalp and hair, working your way from the roots to the ends. Focus on massaging the oil into the scalp, using slow circular movements with the fingertips. Make sure to cover and massage the whole scalp with the oil.
  • Warm up a towel and wrap your hair in the warm towel. You can also use a shower cap instead of the towel.

​3. Leave on for approx 20-30 minutes

  • Wash hair thoroughly after use, applying your shampoo to your oily hair before getting your hair wet.
  • Condition, dry and style as usual.
  • ​Use once a week, or twice a week depending on your needs.
  • ​Use alone or add OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil to your favorite styling agent for extra daily moisturizing and natural shine!!!

​OilBlends Jamaican Black Castor Oil



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