Chemical Ingredients To Avoid

Chemical Ingredients To Avoid

Healthy living
OilBlends Products, Soaps That Heal, Uncle Benney's products supporting your physical, mental and spiritual health through healthy eating, physical activity, and chemical free beauty products.

​Nutrition science and research 
Explore how Canada monitors and measures food and nutrient consumption. Also find information on dietary reference intakes, food security, health and nutrition surveys, and nutrient values of foods.

Dietary reference intakes
Learn about dietary reference intakes and how they can be used to measure or plan a healthy diet.

Food security 
Discover how Canada determines food security status. Also learn about the Household Food Security Survey Module used to measure food security status.

Food and nutrition surveillance 
Find out how Canada monitors food and nutrient intakes, food safety, nutritional status and nutrition health outcomes.

Health and nutrition surveys
Learn about the different health and nutrition surveys Canada uses to collect nutrition-related information.

Nutrient data
Search Canada's databases for the nutrient values for specific foods.
Read about what we're doing to support healthy eating, food safety, and innovation.

Chemical Ingredients to Avoid
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