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Uncle Benney's

Uncle Benney's Vitamin E Extreme System

Uncle Benney's Vitamin E Extreme System

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Uncle Benney's Vitamin E Extreme System System - ​For Severe Hyperpigmentation, Problem Skin, Dark Marks and Spots, and Skin Inflammation  

You Get: 
1 Tea Tree Oil Treatment 1 oz
2 Turmeric Natural Lightening Bar 
1 Turmeric Natural Lightening Butter 4 oz
1 Vitamin E Extreme Face Crème 4 oz

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Easy-To-Use ​in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Cleanse - OilBlends - ​Tea Tree Oil Treatment

Heals the skin, helps control acne and bacteria.  Use before and after hair removal to help heal ingrown hair problems and help stop breakouts.

Step 2 - Wash - Soaps That Heal Turmeric Natural Lightening Bar

Fades skin for a more visibly, brighter, even skin tone. 

Step 3- Moisturize - Uncle Benney's - ​ Vitamin E Crème / Turmeric Butter

Helps to remove dark spots and clear up your face, neck and body. Use as a daily moisturizer to help protect, repair, and  improve  the appearance and smoothness of your skin.

Step 4 - Turmeric Facial  Mask 

To help heal hyperpigmentation and inflamed skin, even skin tone

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