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Uncle Benney's

Uncle Benney's Vitamin E Face Creme +2 FREE Turmeric Bars - Combo 4 oz

Uncle Benney's Vitamin E Face Creme +2 FREE Turmeric Bars - Combo 4 oz

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Uncle Benney's Daily Moisturizer & Turmeric Bar - Maintain Healthy Skin

Natural Benefits
Vitamin E Face Creme Daily Moisturizer 

  • Helps to remove dark spots and clear up your face and neck
  • Use Uncle Benney's Vitamin E Face Creme daily to help protect, repair, and improve the appearance and smoothness of your skin
  • A natural antioxidant¬†for normal to extremely dry skin¬†
  • Helps reduce wrinkles, scars and acne‚Äč
  • Highly effective in reducing stretch marks
  • Moisturizes and soothes eczema, dryness and itchy skin‚Äč
  • Rich in Vitamin E, natural plant based minerals, and fatty acids¬†
  • Anti-aging‚Äč, reduce premature skin damage
  • Helps promote younger looking skin
  • Use Uncle Benney's Vitamin E as a night treatment¬†facial mask for healthier looking skin
  • Uncle Benney's uses plant-based ingredients - a natural approach to skin care

Turmeric Natural Lightening Bar

  • Naturally helps fade dark marks, dark spot and blemishes for a more visibly, brighter, even skin tone‚Äč
  • ‚ÄčWill not bleach the skin
  • ‚ÄčRevitalizes and invigorates the skin to create a healthy glow¬†
  • Naturally fades the appearance of existing scars.¬†
  • Gently exfoliates dead skin cells and removes blemishes
  • Great for¬†Stretch¬†Marks, fades dark spots¬†
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